Hibachi Restaurants

Why choose a hibachi grill restaurant?

Find a fine place to dine with our help. Hibachi grill restaurants are popular and there are many good options in Miami for everyone. All hibachi grill and buffet restaurants feature the art of Teppanyaki. This means that you will seat at a communal table and a real chef will prepare food in front of you and entertain guests at the same time.

Watch the chef slicing the best fresh ingredients from the local market in front of you and enjoy delicious a delicious hibachi grill in a nice location near your home or office. You can choose between mouth watering steaks or chicken dishes. Of course any hibachi buffet menu includes delicious seafood and sushi.

Work Lunch Break is Short? A Hibachi Buffet is the solution

Of course you can always order a hibachi buffet and gorge with all the goodies accompanied by your friends or your colleagues. This can be a fast way to get a meal during lunch time. With our help you are able to locate the finest hibachi restaurant near your work place.

If you want to eat something healthy and simple you can try one of the delicious soups that hibachi restaurants serve. You can even build your own dish with the help of the chef and serve all sorts of extraordinary ingredients. Your taste buds will feel new tastes and you and your friends will have a nice time in front of a hibachi grill.
Another great idea is to try unusual food. You can find all kinds of dumplings filled with exotic fish or meat. In fact, Japanese cuisine is one of the most exotic in the world. You can find really interesting dishes made from unusual raw ingredients.

All hibachi restaurants featured on our site have great reviews from clients and are using the best ingredients that are local or imported straight from Japan. Immerse yourself into a nice atmosphere that will transport you in Japan and see how the fine Japanese usually eat.

Friends and Family? No Problem!

Celebrating your birthday or a promotion in a hibachi restaurant is a great idea. Your friends will surely be impressed and they will enjoy fine food. Find out what is the best suited restaurant for you and give them a call. Reserve a table and then invite all your loved ones.

Compared to traditional restaurants hibachi restaurants pride themselves with extraordinary client service. Their aim is to make a meal unforgettable. Besides eating well you will see how the food is made and you can ask the chef any questions you want. So, if you want to be fully immersed in Asian cuisine and discover sweet and spicy dishes choose one of the hibachi restaurants in Miami.

Hibachi Restaurant
Hibachi Restaurant

Pros and Cons of hibachi grilling

A Japanese style tabletop or a hibachi grill, as we all know it, provides maximum grilling efficiency without using a lot of space. Being compact it provides strong heat and a well concentrated uniform grilling power.
There are many different advantages of a hibachi grill, but the most important is the small footprint. This makes it perfect for restaurants as they can use many table tops in order to accommodate many customers and provide an excellent service. Also, hibachis are very fuel efficient and compared to a ordinary stove it consumes less.
And of course a hibachi dining place is entertaining. It provides great fun for people and provides great food.
But, be prepared to find some drawbacks when entering a hibachi restaurant. Because of the open kitchen, you will face a lot of food smell and possibly smoke. This means that you will get food smell in your clothes when you leave the restaurant. Also, the cooking space is limited and if you have many friends it is possible that you will have to wait a lot for your food. The chef is only human and can cook limited portions of food at one time.

Hibachi food is good for you

Hibachi cooking style is entertaining but it is also good for your health. Hibachi restaurants use fresh produce for their dishes and the fast frying techniques of a hibachi restaurant keeps all the juices inside the meat and vegetables.
First of all you should know that hibachi restaurant dishes are a great source of proteins. Fish is the favorite choice of meat in any hibachi restaurant. So if you are a fish eater, this is the place for you.
In addition many dishes in a hibachi restaurant reduce the risk of heart attacks. This is due to soy beans. They are very often present in hibachi dishes and they have a regulatory effect on the heart.
Your digestive system will function better. Japanese cuisine uses a lot of buckwheat flour. This makes you feel fuller, but in fact you eat less so you do not put a strain on your stomach. Also, buckwheat flour digests quickly and stimulates the growth of new cells.
In addition the small portions in a hibachi restaurant and the numerous choices that you have mean that you will not overeat. You can consume exactly what your body needs without ingesting bad fats or bad additives that are present in fast food dishes.

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