Hibachi History

Trying a hibachi menu is a great experience and most people choose to go repeatedly and try such an experience. Have you ever wondered what the hibachi history is?
We can all for sure appreciate the exquisite taste of a hibachi menu and the fresh ingredients that chefs use to prepare our food, but there is more behind the nice seats and the impressive cooking style.

To put it simple hibachi comes from a Japanese word for a special grilling technique. The hibachi method consists of cooking meat, vegetables or rice over a large and flat sheet of stainless steel or cast iron. This way of cooking enhances taste and it is quite common for chefs to use limited spices for their food. You will encounter simple spices like salt, pepper, vinegar and garlic.

Hibachi cooking is also known as teppanyaki which is translated as “grilling on an iron plate”. There are small variations between teppanyaki and hibachi grilling, but today the terms are interchangeable.

The beginning of hibachi cuisine is unclear but most people think that all started about 200 years ago in Japan. It is true that hibachi really took off during the 20th Century. The first hibachi restaurant opened for public in 1945 in Misono. At that time it was a really out of the ordinary restaurant. Chefs would juggle with condiments and ingredients while preparing food. That was regarded as being innovative and people came more and more to the restaurant.

Some 20 years later the first hibachi restaurant appeared in the United States. And it became so popular those todays there are many hibachi grills and buffets all over the country. The American appetite for good grilled meat is insatiable and a hibachi menu was exactly what could satisfy each American.

At first hibachi chefs were ordinary chefs that were asked to cook out of the kitchen and in front of their customer. Since the first hibachi restaurant, chefs have evolved greatly. There are numerous courses to learn and prepare yourself to truly be a hibachi chef and prepare the best hibachi menu. There are dozens of knife tricks, juggling and cooking techniques that a person must acquire in order to become a hibachi chef.

The theatrical flair of a hibachi restaurant is one of the main reasons that a customer enters. So, the best restaurants on the market invest a lot in training their staff. Often there is a high demand of hibachi chefs and the best tend to earn a lot more than ordinary chefs. Being a hibachi chef can be really lucrative, but it is not for everyone. This job requires a lot of skill besides education. You must be a delicate, yet very precise person in order to make sure that you do not injure you or your guests while preparing food.

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