Hibachi Menu

A hibachi menu consists of an appetizer and several main course dishes accompanied by a traditional Japanese drink.

We managed to gather the best ideas for a hibachi grill menu below in order to save you time on decision what to eat when you arrive at your favorite hibachi place.

Appetizers are the first thing that you must take into consideration in a hibachi menu. The best appetizers you can find at a hibachi grill near you are:

Edamame – is a dish made with immature soybeans which are steamed and served with salt.
Yakitori – it’s basically chicken on a skewer made out of bamboo which is seasoned with traditional Japanese spices.
Gyoza– is a recipe for pan fried dumplings. They are filled with a mix of vegetables and grinded meat.
Shrimp tempura – this delicious recipe consists of deep fried shrimp covered in a delicious batter.

Gyoza Dumplings
Gyoza Dumplings

Any good hibachi menu has a consistent choice when it comes to main dishes. Some of the tastiest are:

Teriyaki chicken – is deep fried chicken covered in sesame seed batter. It resembles Shanghai chicken, but the spices used are different.
Yakisoba or fried noodles are made from wheat flour and they are accompanied most of the times by fried pork or chicken.
Mako shark steak – is one of the tastiest varieties of shark meat. Be prepared to spend a buck or two on this dish but the taste is out of this world.
Pineapple chicken– Who knew that chicken can go so well with pineapple. This sweet dish will make your taste buds go wild.
Lemon Chicken – Although this is not a traditional Japanese dish, you will find it in any hibachi grill menu. It is amongst the most favorite dishes in hibachi restaurants at this time. The fresh lemon taste works great with the delicious crispy chicken skin.

Teriyaki Chicken
Teriyaki Chicken

As you can a hibachi menu can be a hefty meal and we all know that good food goes well with fine drinks. Of course the favorite choice in a Japanese restaurant is sake. But, you can try different fruity drink and slushies. Many restaurants also have nice beer or wine so you will surely have a great lunch or dinner.